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Sweetie I Just Die [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Because Of You <3

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(no subject) [Jun. 19th, 2006|07:07 pm]
Because Of You <3



Algebra 1  -  CASTLE
French 1  -  STAFF
Us Hist 1  -  BOWKER
Eng Lang Arts 1 - B Morello
Band (getting changed becuase of senate)


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kara updating for jenna poo! ♥ [Jun. 5th, 2006|10:15 pm]
Because Of You <3

jenna, i just realized that i am some zycho zychic. i wanted to update for you and im like okay ill go for it. then i tried like 2 passwords i thought you would have but they didnt work so i was all hmm maybe ill try this one! AND IT WORKED. im wicked sweet, haha 8) i feel so freaking zychic right now, im a genius. sorry if i know now, but yeahh whoooo!

ok main reason for the update,
seriously, if your trying to start drama with her mind your own business and leave her alone, my god! get a life. if you have THAT much time on your hands to start trouble and talk about her behind her back you obviously have NO LIFE, and no better time to waste then to start shit. so please, get a real life and seriously just leave her alone! because im tierd of hearing all this bull shit your causing! GET A LIFEE! jenna can like and talk to whoever she wants and if you have a problem thats really lame, because its called a FREE COUNTRY! dont talk behind her back, and dont mess around with her, shes better than that...alrightt..? alrightt. oh and if you have a problem with this update then you can go to my live journal and talk to me about it ;] thankss loverss.

jennapoo, i love you and i hope you like my amazing update!
xoxo bffee, loveyou sugar!
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Drive Me Away [May. 30th, 2006|08:46 pm]
Because Of You <3
[where-a-bouts |HOME AS USUAL.]
[mood |Confused]
[music |Summertime - Mae]

I just got done writing my speech for senate. ( VOTE FOR ME [= ) 
Which is due tomorrow!! Mr. J. only told us today. I WAS LIKE WTF. haha.
But anyways, I think it's good. Kara does too, (big words haha)
I really hope I get elected with 3 other people. =]

HEHE, I'm not sick for once. lmao. I'm just kinda annoyed that people
are blaming me for everything, when I'm mostly innocent in the whole
situation. I just wish people would stop creating drama, people are just
too insecure about themselves that they have to bring other people down
to make themselves feel better. I just don't get it. I'm deffinatly not saying
I'm little miss perfect, everyone makes mistakes, i get it. But do you?

Idk what i'm doing on friday for teen night. I dont even know what i'm going
to wear. But thats not important. I just don't want anymore drama than I need
right now. It just all bottles up and explodes. I'm super sensitive and I wish people
could get that, I dont want to be treated any differently but I just want people to care
The way I do. 

Think about it for me.
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